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Letters From Listeners

Surviving the Teen Years And Smart Phones

I'm a mom of 3 adult kids. When they hit about 5th grade, cell phones were just starting to be the rage. I remember the full court press to get them one.

Fast forward to today, the 2 eldest are married, my youngest is 24. After going through the teen years with smart phones, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Do NOT let them bring their cell phones with them into their bedrooms after 7 pm. Keep them charging in YOUR room overnight. LOTS of communicating goes on long into the wee hours of the morning, especially if there's a relationship involved. I'm not even going to go into the easy access to pornography. This does not help their GPA. 

  2. Think long and hard about giving them internet enabled cell phones unless they can pay for it themselves, and even then question this decision! This is up for discussion I guess...every kid is different. It is difficult to give a kid an internet enabled phone and then another that doesn't support the same functions UNLESS they have abused the PRIVILEGE! 

  3. Let them know that if there is ever any issue with lying, coming home after curfew, etc. etc. that the phone will be taken away and they cannot have another one until they can pay for the bill themselves. This involves a LOT of hassle for us moms who have to drive them everywhere and keep track of them! They have to use their friend's cell phones OR land lines to phone home. Somehow we were all able to live life without cell phones growing up. 

  4. EVEN IF you have REALLY GOOD KIDS, get the tracker on their phone to know where they are at all times

  5. DO NOT let them have their cell phones 24/7 while on vacation!!! Keep a tighter rein on the phone during family time, at the dinner table, holidays, etc. 

  6. KNOW their password and check their phone from time to time. This is NOT an 'invasion of privacy' are trying to keep your kid from going down a wrong path! And besides, you are probably PAYING for this stupid phone! 

That's it! MAN am I glad I'm not doing this anymore! Lol Enjoying being a Grammie--it's WAY easier!

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Tags: Behavior, Internet-Media, Parenting, Teens
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