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Letters From Listeners

Teaching Ethics Everywhere
Several years ago I worked for a large aerospace company and managed a department. We had an incredibly talented young woman with skill and enthusiasm. The problem was that when I took over the group, her salary was the lowest of all the staff. Others were making much more money and, frankly, doing far less work. After much maneuvering we were able to bring her base pay up substantially. She came into my office where I gave her the news and she beamed and said, "Now I can get that new Mustang!" Never one to be indirect I said, "Don't you have student loans to pay off?" She got up from her chair and looked at me.  I thought she might do the girl-stomps-out-of-the-room-drama scene.  But when she got to the door, she turned around and said, "You're right." I knew for sure she was a great employee and she would do the ethical thing.

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