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Email of the Day

Thank You For All You Do

Dear Dr. Laura:

I called you recently, and I want to thank you for providing me with a new word as an alternative to "fighting" cancer.  "Tolerating" treatment works great for me.  I was stuck on the "fighting" word, because, according to my doctors, this is a fight that will not result in remission.  So, I felt as if I was treading water, and I was getting tired.

Now, when someone asks me, "How goes the fight?" or "Are you beating it?" I can answer "I am tolerating treatment."  It really helped me when you said that I DID fight to get to this point - and now I tolerate.  That made a lot of sense. 

Thank you for everything you do.  It's important work.  And thank you for sharing your cancer story with me and the rest of your listeners.  That was special and helps all of us who have our own story to tell.

Much love,

Tags: Health, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response to a Call, Values
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