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Letters From Listeners

Thank You For My Lego Validation

My granddaughters are self-proclaimed Lego Masters.  My lovely dining room table will never host another dinner because it is completely overtaken with Lego. The older one builds them and the younger one destroys.  Today I rebuilt the "Frozen Castle" and actually had all the pieces.  I got in my car and tuned into your program and heard you talk about building the Star Wars vehicle.  So crazy and timely.  

Rebuilding the castle by myself was a very therapeutic and engaging process and then to hear you talk about the same thing was as they used to say "cosmic".   I think Legos are an amazing toy regardless of one's age and I am feeling very validated that they have the Dr. Laura stamp of approval!!

Tags: Hobbies, Humor, Parenting, Regarding Dr. Laura, Values
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