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Email of the Day

Thank You For Sticking Up For Men

Hey Dr. Laura:

Thank you for sticking up for us men!  I truly am amazed that you do (being a woman and all), because it seems that every woman in my sphere is on the "man-hater" bandwagon.  It's always a war, especially in my marriage, where sex is used as a weapon more than part of a loving relationship to build a bond.  This is why it blows my mind when you take the man's side when women call you to say their husbands "want sex all the time" and they dole it out once a month!

I'm going to sign up for Family Premium membership so I can download your podcasts and play them to my wife while she sleeps.  Maybe they will have a subconscious effect!  I figure you're thinking, "Well, Dave, have you tried TALKING to her about this?"  I have, and she says we have sex more than any of her friends!  I feel sorry for THEIR husbands.
You are truly one of a kind....unfortunately.  

Keep up the good work!

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