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Email of the Day

Thank you, Darlin'

Dr. Laura:

Several years back, you inspired me to write the following to my wife for Mother's Day:
Thank you, darlin' for being such a special mom.  For taking such good care of our children.  For all the time you've spent with them.  For all the times you've fed them.  For all the bruises you've healed for them, both physically and emotionally.  For all the prayers you've said.  For all the verses you've quoted.  For the times you went to them to find out what was bugging them.  For all the times you found out how I was bugging them!  For all the times you reminded me to do something for them.  For the times you encouraged them to do something for "dear old dad." 

Thank you for being a woman of great character...for being a wonderful role model.  For staying up late for them to get in or check in.  For teaching them to be true to their word.  For teaching them to be honest.  For keeping the house clean and kept.

Thank you for loving me, and for teaching the kids to love me (even when I'm not always lovable).  Thank you for your compassion and kindness and for your gentleness.  Thank you for always lifting me up, and for always giving so much.  Thank you for being selfless and sacrificing for your family.  Thank you for raising two wonderful children.  Happy Mother's Day!   I love you darling.

By the way, Dr. Laura - we are still married and planning our fortieth wedding anniversary!


Tags: Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Holidays, Marriage, Men's Point of View, Stay-at-Home Mom, Values
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