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Email of the Day

The Dad Who Delivered His Own Son


Okay, Dr. Laura, it was baby #4 and my labors are pretty quick. Usually the contractions build, my water breaks, and we have the baby within a couple hours. This time around I just felt funny and achy. But we decided to call my mom to come over just in case things picked up. Twenty minutes later my mom arrived and we headed to the hospital knowing this was the real-deal. On the drive my water broke, my contractions were only 2 minutes apart, and I could feel it was almost time to push.

We got to the hospital and buzzed to be let in since it was 10 pm. NO ONE CAME. So my husband pried the door open and practically carried me to a wheel chair. A nurse rolled me back while my husband explained himself to the cop on duty. 

The nurses meanwhile were asking me all kinds of check-in questions. I calmly answered but said, "I'm ready to have this baby now." The nurse patted me and said, "It's okay, honey. Do you want an epidural?" I said, not so calmly, "No, the baby is coming RIGHT NOW!" 

My husband walked in as I said that, lifted me from the wheelchair onto the bed, and whipped off my jeans. The nurses were shocked. Our son's head was emerging! The nurse looked dumbfounded at my husband and said, "I'm not wearing gloves!" My husband, calm as could be, looked at me and said, "He's here. You can do this. Push!" Out our son Samuel came into his Daddy's grubby hands as the nursing staff stood by in shock. 

My Superhero Hubby placed our son in my arms and we both cried. An intern walked in just as my husband delivered our son and said, "That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen." My husband soon became hospital legend as staff came by to meet the dad who delivered his own son!

I'll never forget how my husband rescued me that night. That experience typifies who my husband is and how much he treasures me. Sam is now 3 and worships the ground his Daddy walks on. 

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