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Letters From Listeners

The Father of a Female Teen

Hi Dr. Laura,

My daughter is nearly 14 (another daughter is 12) and yet to bring up boys much, which is good, but I know she has questions like - when will a boy like me? And if I have my way, not for another 5 years.

I look forward to times when it's just me and her so we can talk about things from the "dad perspective" that she wouldn't normally bring up when we're all together. FYI, we are a family of faithful Catholics and she seems to be embracing the faith well. So, every issue we discuss is always grounded in our faith.

I also keep your advice in mind. So when it comes to boys, she needs to have a discerning mind about who this boy is and whether he is permanent material. At her age, boys are just friends and should never take the next "step". When she's out of school and on her adult path, then she may think about sharing her life with someone else. Until then...she's mine!



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