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Letters From Listeners

The Light Went On for My Husband

Dear Dr. Laura, 

I don't get to listen to you very often because of scheduling conflicts; however I listen when I can. So when I went with my husband to the dentist recently, I had you on the radio. He says the calls are depressing stuff so he doesn't like to listen. We compromised and listen one way, and then he listens to what he wants on the way back. 

You had a woman talking about her sister and how their mother does everything for her sibling and nothing for her. The sister was a "bad seed," but got all the attention of her mom. Well this perked up my ears because it sounded like my husband and his mom. And it perked up his ears too.  When you were done explaining that the caller was good and therefore got nothing from her parent because she didn't "need" her mom, I could see the light go on in my husband's head. For years, the poor guy has not been able to figure out why his mom gives him no time. His sister doesn't work, has a house, and needs, needs, needs! So Mama to the rescue! I think his mom resents the fact he doesn't need her. So it is good to be married to the GOOD one! 

Believe me; I don't have an issue not having mother-in-law in our lives!! Thanks for helping him understand his mother's actions! 


Tags: Bad Childhood-Good Life, In-Laws, Marriage, Relatives, Response to a Call
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