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Recommended Books

The MoneySmart Family System: Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age

Written By: Steve and Annette Economides
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

From the Publisher
Book Description:
New York Times Best Selling authors Steve and Annette Economides, the parents of America's Cheapest Family are back with another practical, actionable and fun book. This time they're out to save every parent at least $200,000 on child-rearing costs.

The MoneySmart Family System reveals how Steve and Annette raised their family of five MoneySmart kids using simple, yet revolutionary strategies. Together they've  destroyed the myth that it costs more than $250,000 to raise a kid from birth to seventeen years old. Regardless of household income, every parent can learn to control the flow of money to their kids. And to use that money to empower rather than entitle or bail-out their children.

Raising kids can be costly, but following Steve and Annette's advice, parents can use the money they're already spending, not only to buy their kids the things they need, but to give them a financial education that will stand them head and shoulders above their peers.

Thousands of parents have learned about the Economides' kids and their money management skills on their many national TV appearances. This book pulls back the curtain on how these kids were taught from a young age to pay their own way in life. Surprisingly, the results are not grumpy, but grateful kids-confident in their ability to work, earn, save and buy anything they want from cars to college educations-all with cash.

There are tips, strategies and worksheets for every stage of family life (from toddlers to adults). You'll learn about:

  • A powerful alternative to ineffective allowance systems.
  • Using everyday items like clothing, toys or activities to financially train children.
  • Using chores to prepare your kids for productive work in the real world.
  • The pitfalls of thinking that pets can teach children responsibility.
  • The dangers of making it too easy for our kids.
  • What items parents should and shouldn't pay for-such as: cosmetics, braces, technology, mall trips, sports fees and school supplies.
  • The value of allowing teens to pay for their auto insurance and cars.
  • Preparing kids for their first paying job.
  • Building a great resume that earns college scholarships and a debt-free education.
  • Methods to reduce your financial exposure while providing real help when your adult child requests a bail-out.
  • How the 5/50/500 rule can be beaten before it destroys your retirement nest egg.

By living what they teach, Steve and Annette have raised MoneySmart kids while spending 77% less than the experts at the USDA estimated. The MoneySmart Family System will empower every family to beat the experts too; while raising happy, healthy and financially responsible kids. Steve and Annette strongly believe that it's never too early, too late or too hard to start learning financial responsibility.

About the Authors:
Steve and Annette Economides ( are New York Times bestselling authors, parents of five kids and internationally recognized personal finance experts and frequent guests on "Good Morning America," "The Today Show," ABC's "20/20," Fox TV's "Your Life with Neil Cavuto," "The Dr. Phil Show," and in Good Housekeeping, People, and Real Simple.

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