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Letters From Listeners

The Myth of Quality Childcare

Dr. Laura - 

This piece was published in the United Kingdom's Conservative Women. Thank you for inspiring me to step up and speak out.  - May  

Don't fall for the myth of "quality" childcare - a contradiction in terms 

Childcare is a hot-button, politically charged topic.  Unfortunately, it is often debated and discussed without any real mention of those it most affects - our children. 

Take for instance, Jana Javornik's piece in The Conversation in which she urges the UK to follow the Nordic model of having the State pay for children to be raised away from their parents in day care. She argues care for our children should be, at best, free and apparently not provided by actual parents.  Why?  To entice as many women into the workforce as possible.  She writes, "childcare availability and affordability significantly affect female labour supply."  

Yes, but how does it affect our children?  Read the entire article.


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