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Recommended Books

The Penny Pinchers Club
Written By: Sarah Strohmeyer
Publisher: Recorded Books 

From the Press Release
Book Description:

Author Sarah Strohmeyer's bubbly farce finds a shopaholic New Jersey wife worried about hanging on to her husband and trying to curb her lavish lifestyle. Katarina Kat Griffiths, a 40-something interior designer, joins the eccentric supersavers of the Rocky River Penny Pinchers Club to get out of debt, put her daughter, Laura, through college and save her marriage to Emerly College economics professor Griff Griffiths.

Suspecting that Griff is having an affair with the more economically sound Bree, his sexy assistant, Kat vows to save her marriage, even if it means giving up her Lexus and her Starbucks triple venti lattes. Hilarity ensues as Kat discovers, among other things, two Mint Tingle condoms in the pocket of her husband's khakis right before their 20th anniversary as well as his secret $10,000 bank account. When newly divorced Liam Novak, Kat's first love, returns to town, complications ensue. While Strohmeyer's plot may appear overly cutesy, she finds ample humor in her family-centric story, and the list of Top 15 Dos and Don'ts from The Penny Pinchers Club is spot-on.

About the author:
Some novelists begin their careers by winning literary contests or writing their first manuscripts while pursuing a masters degree. Sarah Strohmeyer began hers by placing Barbie in forty contemporary and historical settings with photos taken by her friend (and photographer) Geoff Hansen. BARBIE UNBOUND: A PARODY OF THE BARBIE OBSESSION became a cult hit. It was, briefly, the most shoplifted book in America.

After that, she wrote the Bubbles Yablonsky mystery series featuring a bubble-headed blonde ditzy - or is she? - hairdresser with a gift for gossip who becomes a newspaper reporter - sort of  a memoir.  She has also written several novels about women.

Today, she lives in Vermont with her husband, son, and daughter, along with their five-year-old basset hound. 

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Tags: Budget, Marriage
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