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Email of the Day

The Positive Side of Sheltering At Home

You are a daily bright spot in our current world of craziness.  I want to share some positives that have come about as a result of sheltering at home:

  1. There have been surprising acts of kindness for the greater good from our kids.   Just this morning, our 7-year-old daughter did an extra chore by unloading the dishwasher for her older sister (who hates doing that chore), and then reloading it with the newly dirty dishes for her Daddy, who usually does this, but he dislikes doing it as well.

  2. I've learned to just let my kids BE kids, by letting them spend a whole morning engineering and constructing a very intricate leprechaun trap from a cardboard box, construction paper, and whatever else they talked me into letting them use around the house.  The homeschooling lesson for that day could wait a little longer.

  3. Without having to rush the kids off to school, I'm able to sit quietly in the morning watching the birds come to our feeders, and just reflecting on the simple joys of life.

  4. My husband now has the time to get those extra outside projects done on our house, and he's doing it gleefully.  A happy husband means lots of extra snuggles and hugs!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Social Issues, Values
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