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Email of the Day

The Price of Raising Them Right

I had a six-figure salary prior to having children.  I was one of those Generation Xers who thought I'd just add kids to my portfolio, and to my life, but shortly after the first was born, I realized just how wrong I was.  I quit my job and never looked back.  I lost my family over this decision, but I didn't have much of one to begin with.  I was "raised" by a feminist mom, who was either chasing her job or a new man.  My father was too busy working and focused what time he had on his replacement family after he divorced my mom.  Following suit, my husband and I divorced when our kids were two and three years old, after he couldn't deal with my diagnosis of cancer.

After the divorce, I still didn't go back to work, even though financial support was minimal.  I moved to a cheaper town and drove an old car.  I used every bit of my savings and lived on less than fifteen thousand dollars a year.  But I could stay home with my sons and raise them with love, the way I was never raised.  My boys are teenagers now, and they are so grateful that I stayed home with them and we made it work.  They've turned into kind, considerate, loving young men.  I haven't dated, and they've found solid male role models in their soccer and wrestling coaches at school who are teaching them the "man" things that I can't as a mom. 

We might not have everything, but everything we have is priceless.  Your wisdom has helped me change my life and raise my young men with morals, ethics, principles and only doing things that Dr. Laura would like!

Much love,

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