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Email of the Day

The Sacrifice Real Men Make For Their Families

Dr. Laura:

I have been married to a "real man" for 45 years.  We've raised five daughters who are strong, compassionate women, amazing mothers and great wives.  They love their family and their sisters are their best friends.  

We had all five girls in nine years.  It was a busy, crazy time, and I could never have done it alone.  My husband walked in the door each night and helped me every way that he could.  I never heard that he worked all day or that he was too tired.  I appreciated all he did, and as he always said to me, "these are my children too."  He sacrificed his career so that he never missed a conference at school, a sporting event, or any aspect of their lives.  He was in the door at six o'clock every night and ready to roll!  

I was his girlfriend, his partner, his love and his best friend.  I supported him in every aspect of our life together.  We're now grandparents to eight darling children, and together we babysit, have sleepovers with them, and just have fun.  THAT, Dr. Laura, is a real man!

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