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Email of the Day

The Secret to Marriage

Hi Dr. Laura:

I'm re-watching your Marriage video course almost a year after I watched it the first time.  I am married to a really good man.  We have a good friendship, good love life, and we've raised our three sons together with a lot of fun too.  

I decided to re-watch your course as a mini-refresher, so I could KEEP things going so well.  You are so right about how husbands who feel loved and respected will swim through shark-infested waters for you.  Thank you, too, for reminding me to do the little things daily, like make the coffee, and smile and kiss him when he walks in the door.

I tell my girlfriends that I have found the secret to marriage - the three "S's" - Sex, Socks, and Supper!  It's our joke, but I find it to be true.  SEX - have it often, stay attractive and be playful.  SOCKS - have clean socks for him and make sure basic household chores are done - keep the house tidy at all times.   And SUPPER - just feed him daily.  All of this is sprinkled with love and laughter throughout.  


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