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Email of the Day

The Tea Cart

Hi, Dr. Laura-

My husband and I conduct estate sales. We witness lots of bad behavior from buyers: price sticker removal, hiding goods to retrieve at half-price time, and so on. These ploys intensify the "chicken soup for the soul" transactions, as follows:

A cute couple in their 80s had purchased some linen napkins and a classic novel. On the way out, the man asked if the maple tea cart was on sale, too (we'd priced it at $80.00 in hopes that we'd get half, as antique items are a harder sell in lean times). He gladly paid the money, and a fellow shopper helped him get the cart to his car.
An hour later, note in hand, he returned for some items his wife left behind. "I'm so proud of that cart!" he said.

"Back in my day, they were a sign of wealth. We lived in a two room apartment when I was a boy, and one day I sneaked into the yard of the rich lady down the block. I took some grapes, and when she caught me I ran home."

"My aunt said I was to go back and apologize. When I showed up, the lady forgave me. She took me into her parlor, where her maid served me tea from a beautiful cart. From that day I hoped I would have my own some day."

"And now you do!", I said. I think the story was the real treasure, don't you, Dr. Laura? Thanks for everything you do!


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