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Email of the Day

The Voice Of Stay For Home Moms

Before we were under quarantine, I was pushing my youngest child in the stroller to pick up her sister from school. While waiting, I watched and giggled as my toddler played on the playground. She giggled climbing the steps. She laughed going down the slide. She said "uh-oh!" when she fell on her tush.

Then a woman began talking to me, as if she knew me. She mentioned the family she nannies for and about her day. She asked me about my clients.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, aren't you the nanny?" this woman asked.

"No." I said. "This is my daughter, and we are waiting for my other daughter to be dismissed from school."

She then told me she nannies for two little boys, 3 and 6, and sees me at the park, biking, AND playing in the yard with one or both girls. Since I always dropped off my daughter in the mornings and picked her up in the afternoons, she assumed I was the nanny, because I always had one or two children in tow at all times!

I "look like the nanny" because I spend so much time with my girls walking, playing, and running errands?  Dr. Laura, this is so sad!!! What does this say about our society? Thank you for being a voice for us stay-at-home moms! You have helped me in so many ways, but most of all, you have helped me be a great mom to our girls and a strong warrior's woman to my hunk of a husband!

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