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Email of the Day

There ARE Real Men

Dear Dr. Laura,

There are real men. I know because I married one. He is a 6"5 cowboy - cowboy boots, cowboy hat and usually some sort of gun. I married him because of your program. I didn't know what a real man was, I was raised by a divorced woman. I dated train wrecks until I finally started listening to you.  After that, I gathered myself up and started over.

I met my husband through a friend. He courted me the old fashioned way. He would pick me up with flowers in hand and take me for dates. He always drove. He always paid. He always kissed me goodnight. He always left at the end of the evening. We talked about every part of what we expected out of life. We discussed everything down to how many times a week we would have sex, how we would raise children, what we expected on our death bed and who took out the trash. We left no rock unturned. He asked me to marry him with a diamond giant rock on the top of a mountain on his cattle ranch on one knee. Before the wedding he had a perfect house built in my honor. This was all before we had ever had sex.

I knew he was a real man because if of this: he has a terrible mother and sister. They are the kind who have ZERO friends because they are so terrible. They were giving me a hard time because I quit my job before we got married. I have a little family money that was given to me by my grandfather with the understanding I would use it to be able to stay home to be a wife and mother. Well, those terrible two thought it was horrible of me to not be working in town. This was almost ten years ago, but I will NEVER forget the following: After the nagging went too far, my husband pulled them outside, leaned against his truck, crossed his arms and said, "Ladies, I picked her. I didn't pick you. And it's clear to me you see I picked the total reverse of the two of you. If you ever give her a hard time again you won't be seeing us or our future children. And with my stunning good looks and charm and her beauty and brains, I assume we are going to be making some pretty perfect kids. So if I were you, I would walk off of the thin line you are walking."

Can you imagine when a boy crosses one of his girls????

We have been married almost ten years. We have three pretty perfect kids. We live in rural Montana on our cattle ranch. We work non-stop, everyday. We are totally in love. We follow to a T the rules we made before we were married. We rarely have issues. We can't keep our hands off of each other...which would explain the 8 and 6-year-olds having a 5-month-old sister now. I giggle when women call overwhelmed. You should send them for a day on a cattle ranch in Montana!

By the way, the terrible two have NEVER given me a hard time again.

There are men left. There are good woman left. Keep up the fight. We are listening everyday. And it's our hope our children will follow the same path. You just don't hear from us much because we are busy being girlfriend and boyfriend.

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