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Email of the Day

There Are No Free Lunches

Since I was 15 years old, I played in bands as a guitarist and if I had a gig, well so much for whatever job I had. As I reached my twenties, still being broke and flopping wherever I could was not as cool as I previously thought.  So I landed a position at a manufacturing plant and made a commitment to myself to keep this job for a solid year which eventually turned into 4 years. I proved to myself that I could do anything if I set goals and kept my nose to the grindstone.

After that time, I went on to become what I had always wanted to be and that is a full-time musician.  I graduated from music school, and at 52-years-old, I am still paying the mortgage as a full-time professional player. But without that turning point mentally about how I wanted to live my life, I don't know how things would have turned out. I have certainly not been 'coddled, pampered, or spoiled', but have had to earn what it is I have achieved through hard work and God's grace. As they say, "There are no free lunches." These are the crucial things I am instilling in my 13-year-old son.

Thanks Dr. Laura for giving advice and 'tough' love in your work.  I know I have benefited from it.

Peace and blessings.

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