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Email of the Day

There Is ALWAYS A Way

When my husband and I were dating and talking about marriage, I said that after we married and were looking to buy a house, we would base the home price off his income only and not ours combined.  That way, when we had kids, I could quit my full-time job to stay home with them and we could still afford the mortgage.  His eyes got huge and he was quiet for a while.  He said we could buy a much bigger house if we both worked after having children and that this put a lot of pressure on him to be the sole provider.  I calmly explained I wasn't having kids so that we had to pay someone else to raise them.  

He thought about this for a few days and then said, "you're right."  He came from a broken home and was put in daycare, which he hated.  Now I'm a happy mother of a sixteen-month-old son, and I've been able to stay home from day one.  But this has not been easy financially.  We do this by SACRIFICING.  We sacrifice something almost daily to do this.  We bought a small home, I don't have a smartphone, and we eat out only on special occasions.  But we enjoy the little things and it's a small price to pay for the happiness we get from being together and knowing that there's only a short time to have these precious moments with our child.  

In the morning I run with my son in a "jogger" pram, and I run past a daycare.  Almost every day, I see a mom driving a very expensive car, dropping her kids off there.  So, the "we can't afford for me to stay home" argument I get from others is nonsense.  Like you say, there is ALWAYS a way.  Thank you for being such a huge stay-at-home mom advocate!


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