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Letters From Listeners

Think Before You Post


I have a good friend who's a hiring manager for a local Cadillac dealership. They were recently looking for someone to fill the cashier position in the front office. That's a high profile position because almost ALL the customers come directly into contact with this person at some point. Obviously a requirement is this person present a very professional image. Well, my friend had found the perfect candidate, and had actually made an offer pending a couple of checks. One of the things she checked was the candidate's Facebook and Myspace pages. What she found was that the girl was a heavy partier, with pictures of her in various stages of undress and totally sloshed, and bragging about it. The offer was immediately rescinded, and the candidate was told that her Internet image was in direct conflict with the image that a high end Cadillac dealership wishes to present to the public. 

In short, juvenile partying posts wrecked the job op for this young woman. Pity. Now my friend checks the Internet before even bringing anyone in for an interview. 

Tags: Internet, Internet-Media, Morals/Ethics/Values, MySpace, Social Media, Values
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