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Letters From Listeners

Time to Move Out!

I want to let your caller know the advice you gave her to 'pack her son a lunch' is spot on! How do I know? You gave it to me 2 years ago.

Our son, who was a good boy; had good grades, not involved in drugs or alcohol, but for some reason had no drive. After a year of working and then went onto University, we discovered he had been not been going to classes and lied about his grades. He was involved in gaming and allowed that to become his drug of choice.

I called my dear Dr. Laura and although I was pretty sure of what your advice was going to be, I clearly needed to hear it from your lips. We gave him a month to find a place and a job and behold after 30 days he had not found accommodations or a job. In the middle of a January winter in Canada, we turned him out. My eyes were swollen from tears for the first month even though I knew it was the only solution that would save him.

I am happy to report, this fall he will be going to University and is paying for all of it himself!!! He has asked to come home, and we are happy to make that happen with conditions. He is quite agreeable to our terms and has a sense of pride in paying for his upcoming year. He has become a man I am proud to call my son. He has overcome many hurdles, including being homeless. He now values hard work, but most of all understands that the love of family sometimes comes in unexpected ways, but is always there, sometimes guiding if need be.

Thank you Dr. Laura. God Bless,


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