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Email of the Day

Today's Loose Women
IconDear Dr. Laura, While I was listening to your program recently, you read a letter from an older man who mentioned  today's women are so loose. Yes this is true. Sad but true. I am e-mailing you to let you know there are still some women who do have morals and standards. I am 22 years old. I have been married to my boyfriend/husband for 3 years now and have a beautiful baby girl. (No Shacking up!!!) When I was younger and just starting to date (at age 16) the rule given by my dad was any young man who asked me out had to be interviewed by him (my father) before I was allowed to leave the house. I was afraid of this rule and was embarrassed for the first few times I was asked out. I soon realized when I was asked out by a stranger who I could tell only wanted sex, not friendship or courtship , and really would not want to come meet my dad. I told him that he would have to come over first and have a chat with my dad before I could go. He said never mind and went on his way. When my now husband asked me out I told him the same thing and surprisingly he was really excited. This rule not only made it so I would only be going out with upstanding young men, but made me an honest daughter and morally clean wife. Thank you Dr. Laura for having your program and standing up for morals. Sincerely,   Margo
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