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Letters From Listeners

Toddling About the Town

Hi Dr. Laura

I have an awful day care story of complete horror for any parent.

My husband's co-worker ran into a local police officer at the store one day. (This community is pretty small, so people know each other by name.) The officer proceeded to talk to him about the crazy incident involving his 2-3 year old (who was in day care). The father, in a state of shock, didn't know of any "incident" at the time.

The officer proceeded to tell him how earlier in the week he picked up the man's toddler wandering around town. In fact, the toddler wasn't just in town but in very close proximity to the main highway. (Did I mention he was supposed to be in day care?) Anyway, the child was returned by the officer safe and sound to the facility. But nothing was ever said to the mom or dad until Dad heard it from the officer. Needless to say the parents were fuming and pulled their child out of day care right away. What a total nightmare!
I guess it does really pay to be a stay-at-home mom. That way you always know where your kids are and what they're doing.


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