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Letters From Listeners

Tough Love

My daughter was addicted to cocaine.  She was making a great salary as an accountant, but that wasn't enough to support her habit. She was arrested for stealing blank checks from her job and that's when I found out her problem. By this time she was on her own and 34 years old. She says, she didn't get addicted until she was 23. I decided I COULD NOT get her out of the mess she created, and also, I WOULD NOT! She went to prison, not jail for a period of 18 months. She had to pay restitution to her old employer which took her about three 3 years. 

At the age of 37, she was married.  A year later, she had twin sons who are graduating from high school and going on to community college. And she's been 20 years clean and sober. I am so proud of her, but I'm also proud of my decision for making this her problem. And she passed with flying colors! She can be proud of herself and her children just as I am!! 


Tags: Addiction, Behavior, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Values
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