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Letters From Listeners

Try to Remember the Kind of 'December'...

I'm a hospice volunteer and I paid my weekly visit to my 101 year old patient last Friday. Her son was visiting from the east coast with his wife and we were soon joined by his wife's son, wife and 3 year old little girl. My patient is bedridden, her whole life is what she can see and experience from her bed. Her face was a picture as she took in the four generations of family. Smiles transformed that old face. Those are the moments I treasure from my visits with her and this special time was the most heartwarming of my Christmas season.



We adopted a family for Christmas, took them dinner and purchased a few gifts. We knew the mom wanted a mixer, but I was amazed at how happy she was to receive a little hand mixer! The joy on her face was Christmas at its best!



With my 26 year old identical twin boys both home for a few days this Christmas, I was overwhelmed with emotion while going to bed one night as I locked the doors, closed the blinds, turned off the lights and realized my boys were safe and sound in their beds with their mom and dad just down the hall. A feeling of security I haven't felt in years. I will cherish that feeling for the rest of my life. Oh to have them 6 years old instead of 26. Where did the time go?



This year my daughter unfortunately had to have her tonsils out over the holidays, but it really turned out to be a blessing. My husband and I were able to say no to many of the usual commitments we have over the holidays because our daughter had to stay home. Of course, she really did need her rest, but it was great to have a reason to stay home and just be with our own little family. My favorite day this year was New Year's Day. We had declined going to another family gathering and instead we stayed home in our pajamas all day and played board games and watched movies. The kids really enjoyed the attention they got and I enjoyed just having fun with them.

By the way, thanks so much Dr. Laura, for reminding me how important my husband and kids are and how they deserve my time and love and effort each day.


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