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Letters From Listeners

Turning Out the Way You Were Raised

Dear Dr. Laura,

I can totally relate to the person who wrote the article about "Raising Well Mannered Children". A few years ago I was in a nail salon waiting to get my nails done. While I was waiting a group of young kids, ages ranging from 6-10 were taunting and teasing me, all the while their parents doing nothing about their children's rude behavior towards a stranger!

Now the flip side to this story, I was walking out of a toy store, Toys R Us, when a little boy no older than 6 years old was holding back his mom telling her... "Wait, Mommy.  Let the lady walk through first!" I was stunned and so surprised to witness such proper manners from this little boy. I looked at his mom and I won't forget the look on her face of such joy and being so proud of her son's actions. I was so impressed I just wanted to give him a big hug and thank him for being a little gentleman!

It just goes to show how kids are raised from different types of parents.  You do turn out the way you were raised!


Tags: Behavior, Manners, Parenting, Values
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