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Letters From Listeners

Two-Parent Home Story

Listening to your commentary regarding children being raised in a single parent vs. a dual parent home made me very reflective. The statistics you mentioned regarding single family homes and how they affect the kids really made me think.

Four years ago, my daughter, who comes from an intact home, entered one of the largest high schools in New Jersey. Her freshman year she befriended 5 other girls, whom she met from the high school cheerleading team. These 6 girls remained friends for all four years. They had no issues, drama, or arguments and they were all very similar. All of them were honor students, civic-minded and did volunteer work. All of them set goals for themselves and worked incredibly hard. As a matter of fact, the cheer team they were on worked so hard and were so talented, they were Universal Cheerleading Association National Champions in 2012 and highlighted on ESPN three years in a row. They are dedicated, hardworking, driven, nice girls. They were all accepted to wonderful universities.

I have often thought about them and how similar they are. It dawned on me one day that they were actually quite unique. Each one of them came from a two-parent home where both mom and dad were very involved which seems to be very rare these days. These families have become our friends as well.  How blessed I am to have such a wonderful family!!!  It is not always easy but the rewards are so worth it.


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