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Email of the Day

Want Your Husband to be Happy?

Years ago, as you were advertising your book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" before it was officially released, I could tell from what you were saying it was what I had already figured out! I was thrilled to then read your book, knowing I had already realized this was the way my man needed to be treated in order for us to be happy! He needed to come home to a neat home and dinner simmering on the stove.  On the days I'd make spaghetti, the garlic smell alone was all he needed to begin to relax after a tough day at work. 

I was one of the lucky ladies in my neighborhood who got to stay home and work… and I mean work taking care of our daughter, and two wild and crazy sons! There were few like me. I'd take the little ones to a park sometimes to play and meet other stay-at-home moms but found few. No matter… I knew what I was doing was the best for my kids.  Not one person ever dared tried to make me feel inferior.  And if they'd say they just had to work to keep their brains motivated, I'd reply they had no idea what discipline it takes to fight off boredom even when watching and caring for your most precious children...It is not interesting to read “Tommy Tools” for the fourteenth time or play jacks when your back is tired, but they needed my attention. 

Now my kids are grown and out of the house on their own. I have 3 grandkids and my youngest is getting married in June.  Our family is loving and close now.. Our marriage is happier than ever, and frankly it is because of the concepts written in your book! I give every newlywed girl a copy of it. I even tell them, "At first you may get bugged by it, but keep on reading. You will not be able to fight it, unless you are extremely arrogant and think you know better than this 60-year-old woman! My hubby is 6o-years-old too and our romantic life has not wavered.  The concepts in the book still apply! Sometimes when I am impatient I get to thinking how I wish I could ignore him just for a few days -- like a small break from each other, just grunting hello -- but no, he still needs me to make him feel like he's my hero which I do every day in some form or fashion, almost always ending the day with good old lovemaking.  Why not? Just read the book ladies...and trust us who have been there and done this -- there isn't a better way and your hubbies will have a happy life! You want that, don't you? 


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