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Letters From Listeners

We Made the Decision to Be Parents



Dear Dr. Laura,

Recently, I was watching morning television as I was preparing to leave for my day when I heard a story that grabbed my attention. A stay-at-home mom (I use the title loosely) was stating she regrets staying at home and raising her 3 sons. She went on to tell America that she used her drivers license more than her degrees and that mothers should stay in the work place at least part time. At one point in her career she realized what was important and left the work place doing the right thing, but I can not understand why after raising what appear to be 3 nice young men, she is telling the world it is a mistake to do this.   

My wife and I are not by any means well off financially.  When my oldest was born, we decided not to allow any person other than us to raise him. My wife worked part time in the mornings while he slept and I worked a later shift so that one of us was always there with him. I still appreciate that morning time I spent with him and would not trade it for all the money or power in the world. When he was about 12 he had a degenerative hip condition and my wife and I decided to home school because of his medical problems. He went on to a small university where he graduated with a 4.0 gpa and was able to obtain academic scholarships through 3 of 4 years of school. He then took the LSATS and scored high enough to receive a full ride to a top 100 law school. He finished his first year at #1 and received invitations to 3 of the top 6 law schools in the country. We just attended his graduation where he was the #1 student in a top 10 law school. While maybe I am bragging a little, the point is I do not believe any of this would have been remotely possible if my wife and I would have turned him over to the countless strangers raising kids and turned a blind eye to the public school system with their own agenda and not the best interest of our kids. 

My youngest will graduate from a public school next year and I am sure his principal will be glad to see me go as I remain very active in his education. 

My wife and have never regretted our decisions to drive an older car or not have the latest technology or not live in the nicest house on the road. My wife and I simply made the decision to be parents 27 years ago and would not trade one minute of this for anything. 

Please keep up the good fight.  We are out here listening to you and taking on these crazy people who would sell their kids for their selfish satisfaction. I am a simple person and do not write many letters so I will apologize for any grammar errors.  I was just so angry that the agenda of our media is to farm out our kids and for what? More drugs, crime and drama from broken families that they can report on. I guess job security. Thank you for letting me vent. 


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