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Email of the Day

What Age is the Best Age?

I got thinking about when was the best age in my life.  I looked back on the last 50 years... Some days I wish I was back at the age of 10, playing and swimming all summer... Then I thought, no, being 17 with my first car and freedom to drive myself to the beach was the best… Then came college, marriage, and then babies… Surely this was the best age, playing with them, taking care of my home and family. Then came all the fun with having older children, watching them grow and become independent. Surely this was the best age!

Well, now I believe today is the best age! I finally get to see the fruits of having been a hands-on mom, and seeing the product of stressing to the girls, "Do things in the right order: graduate, get a job, live on your own, then get married and have children. Life is hard enough doing these things out of order, but it is far easier to do them in order."

One daughter is now on her own; she graduated, found a wonderful job, and now has her CPA license.  She also has a kind and wise man for a boyfriend, who has graduated, is living on his own, and is self-supporting. I couldn't be prouder! My other daughter is in her last year of college, has an amazing insight to life, and is on her way to being self-supporting.

Today is the best age, because each day, I feel I have a little more wisdom than before, more gratitude to God for the blessings he has given me, and more joy with my life.

Dr. Laura, thank you for all you do to support us and encouraging us to do the right thing!


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