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Letters From Listeners

When Daddy's Around, She Has No Mother

Before my husband and I had children we discussed the importance of the father/daughter relationship. We decided we would be purposeful from the get-go on how we raised our daughter if we ever were to have one. Now, I am the mother of a five-year-old beautiful, spunky daughter who barely even knows I exist. My husband and daughter share inside jokes, go on father/daughter camp outs (to give Mommy some alone time), and I even catch him teaching her about nature and how the world works! Daddy is the ONLY one who can tuck her in at night, brush her teeth and give her a bath. Once when she was three, my husband, daughter and other children were playing "Ring Around the Rosey." The game stopped and a little boy blurted out, while pointing at my daughter, "I'm going to marry her!" My husband looked at that little boy and firmly said, "Ha, you're going to have to get through me first!" He's already teaching her what kind of lifelong companion she should be on the look out for! In return for all of this I am blessed with a self-assured, confident young lady who is learning morals, values and that she has purpose. So yes, when daddy's around, she has no mother - just the way I like it!

What's the cherry on top? My one-year-old SON is watching this very important relationship unfold (and yes, I catch him watching his daddy). I'll bet he mimics his father if or when he has his own daughter. My husband is truly leaving behind a legacy.


Tags: Parenting, Raising children
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