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Letters From Listeners

When to Dump a Guy

Dr. Laura -

This might seem insignificant or even shallow, but if a man does not think my jokes are funny, I would dump him in a minute.

For one, it might show that he does not have a sense of humor - definitely not a keeper. If he cannot laugh at life's difficulties, his life - and mine - will be WAY too long, for surely the challenges will come. It probably also means he cannot laugh at himself.

That he does not think my jokes are funny also shows me he does not see the world as I do, for any number of reasons. As a Christian, I am called to be an optimist. There is a way to explain things that makes life have sense, and there is even a purpose in difficulties. Back to #1 - life will be way too long without laughing at the ridiculous along the way.

I believe humor shows innate intelligence, which is something I must have in a man.

I will have been married 30 years this coming August. This was the very first thing I noticed about my husband when I met him. He thought my jokes were funny. He laughed with me about the funny things in life. We have a wonderful marriage, more than I could ever have dreamed of, and I believe it has to do with his light-hearted understanding of the seriousness and fragility of life, his willingness to make mistakes, and his charming way of embracing the fullness of life, warts and all.


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