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Letters From Listeners

Why Can't Parents Just Say No?
Hi Dr. Laura,

Your opening comments regarding narcissistic young adults was brilliant! I wish I could blare it at the next PTO meeting. I wish everyone of my 10-year-old's friends' parents could hear it. Hell, I wish my 10-year-old was here to listen to it.

My 10-year-old had friends overnight for her birthday last month. Four out of the six girls who came brought a cell phone with texting capabilities. At one point the kids with the phones were texting someone (I don't know who). How dare these parents make me responsible for their children texting on their phones? I finally took all the cell phones away.

A few days later, one of the mothers was complaining on Facebook no less, that her daughter was getting texts on her phone from a stranger. WHAT DID SHE THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN??? I told the mother I was not watching who the girls were texting at my home and she could have easily gotten this contact from another kid.

I get friend requests on Facebook from nieces and nephews less than 10-years-old that I'm constantly denying. When the kids see me, they ask why I'm not their friend on Facebook. I tell them it's against Facebook rules for me to be their friend.

My kid is constantly asking for a phone, Facebook, and so on. NO! NO!! NO!!! Sure would be nice if all parents could stand together on this.  Sigh! You were so right on today!


Tags: Children, Health, Mental Health, Narcissism, Parenting
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