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Letters From Listeners

World's Greatest Dad

Wow, its hard to think of what I admire most....marrying him was probably one of the best things (smartest choices) I have EVER made, but to narrow it down to what I admire most, would be what an incredible father he is.

I kind of thought he'd be a good dad when I married him and I fell more in love with him over the last 20 years of marriage. But in reality, he blows the doors off being a dad. He is so loving in everything he does with the children, he talks to them and teaches them about life and how they need to be principled, honest, good stalwart citizens. He always has been involved from the minute they were born, taking night duty during the infant days (they are 6 and 9 yrs now). And he does more of the actual childcare than I get to do because our careers have just gone different ways. So he did the stay-at-home parent role for both kids, and when he went back to work, calmly told the hiring manager (who was frothing at the mouth to hire my super salesman star hubby) that he needed to make sure the work schedule allowed him to pick his kids up from school every day. He spends quality and quantity time with the kids too, taking them on bike trips on a beautiful weekend afternoon or hiking on small day trips (they made up "trail names" for each other for the hikes).

I hope you get the picture of the kind, calm supportive husband he is and what stunning kind and caring children he has had a major hand in rearing.


Tags: Admiration, Attitude, Behavior, Fatherhood, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Respect, Spouse, Values
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