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Email of the Day

You Changed My Life

Hi Dr. Laura:

Late last year, I called you.  I was a new listener, and I wish I had heard you when I was a child and teenager with no direction or guidance.  What I thought was a call about whether to go on a Thanksgiving trip my mother had planned and my husband didn't want to go on, turned out to be a life lesson that has done more for me than anything else ever has.

You called me weak.  You reminded me I took vows to my husband and NOT my mother, who had been slowly taking over my life, my parenting, and every vacation we planned.  When I finished the call with you, I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.  You took all the superficial nonsense air right out of me.

You changed my life.  I am now the matriarch of our family.  My mother no longer makes our vacation plans.  I am a girlfriend to my husband, and I am so much more present with my kids.  Thank you for staying strong and true, even when it hasn't been easy to do so.  I thought I was responsible for how I created my life, but I was weak when it came to my mother.  I felt shackled to please her or she would fall apart, because she did any time I challenged her.  I didn't know I could tell my mother "no" and still be a good person!

It sounds silly writing it now, but this last few months I have transformed into a strong happy woman.  My husband is much happier too, and we're both grateful for your voice and your wisdom.  Thank you.



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Tags: Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Personal Responsibility, Relationships, Relatives, Values
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