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Email of the Day

You Gave Me The Strength To Open Up

Dear Dr. Laura:

I'm a former Navy fighter pilot and fit your definition of an "alpha male."  I achieved my dream of going to the Naval Academy and becoming a Naval Aviator and proudly serving my county, spending 20 years as a fighter pilot.  During that time, I never really had a relationship with a woman, since I spent most of my time on a carrier at sea.

I retired after 20 years, took a civilian job and met a wonderful woman.  We married a few years after meeting, but after the first year of marriage, I started to struggle with symptoms of PTSD from my combat experiences.  During my service, I dropped a lot of bombs on targets in the Middle East, and I know a lot of people died as a result.  Although I tried to have a clear conscience knowing that most of the victims were the enemy, they were still humans with families who loved them.  I really wanted to open up to my wife, but each time I tried, I got very emotional and started tearing up, ultimately clamming up and not telling her anything.  I thought that my wife would think I was weak if I cried in front of her.

The turning point for me was finding your show on SiriusXM.  I started to listen to you every day on my commute.  I learned so much from you on marriage that I finally worked up the courage to open up to my wife.  Last week, I let it all out.  I cried like a baby telling her about my experiences and the struggles that were haunting me.  She held me tight and kept telling me that she was here for me and to just let it all out.  Once I stopped crying, it felt like a huge burden was lifted from my soul.  I feel a thousand percent better and know my relationship with my wife went to a very high level that night.  I know she will always be there for me as I continue to heal.  Thanks for giving me the strength to open up to my prized bride.

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Tags: Character-Courage-Conscience, Dating, Marriage, Men's Point of View, Military, Relationships
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