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Letters From Listeners

You Opened My Eyes To Being A Better Parent

I heard a call recently, where you talked to a teenage boy who was dabbling with vapor cigarettes. I really want to thank you for that call.

I have a boy about the same age. I don't always know how to talk to him. Hearing how you talked to him made me realize how I could improve. I really appreciate it. My son is in the same boat as the caller and I tend to get upset.

I downloaded the podcast and will listen to it several times to remind myself how to approach him calmly. I need to spend more time asking questions instead of nagging and lecturing. I really appreciate you. You opened my eyes in how to be a great wife/girlfriend and now how to be a better parent!

You rock!!

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Education, Raising Boys to Men, Response to a Call, Teens
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