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Letters From Listeners

Young Women and Clothing

Dr. Laura

I love your program and listen everyday in the car. Recently, you had a guest on talking about the new definitions of rape. I agree with both of you. Young women of today have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. I have 3 daughters ages 24, 22, and 17. I have always had this motto: when it comes to their bodies, if you don't respect your body no one else will. I never allowed my girls to have a gap between the shirt and the top of the pants; a camisole is not the only top - if they wore spaghetti strap shirts, I required another shirt over them; and the boobs and butt would never be coming out of any end of the clothing. Sure they wear all the latest styles, but they do it with style. I have made them change on many occasion and we have had our battles. They each have their own style and I respect that, but they have respect and dignity for themselves. I always told them provocative clothing will get you attention from the guys, but it is not the right attention and they may as well put a sign on themselves that says I AM EASY. I certainly do not have perfect girls, but they do respect their bodies and for that I am a proud mom.

Thank you for your bluntness and telling it like it is when it comes to the sexualization of girls.



Tags: Abuse, Morals, Rape, Sex, Values
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