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10 Habits to Help You Deal with Your Anxiety

Many people complain about having too much on their plates but refuse to take anything off the plate. Prioritizing and problem-solving are important parts of dealing with life. Here are 10 tips to help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Take walks. Even if it’s just around the block, get outside in nature.  

  2. Place scents around the house. Scents can be very calming.

  3. Straighten up your desk or clean the kitchen. Putting things in order gives you a sense of control.

  4. Spend quality time with people who care about you. Talking things out with someone is way more anxiety-reducing than keeping your feelings bottled up.

  5. Take a hot shower, pet your dog or cat, watch a show that makes you laugh, or turn on some music.

  6. Hit the gym. Be sure to stretch.  

  7. Go to bed. Sleep deprivation can make people anxious, and without enough sleep, it’s hard to feel good the next day.

  8. Give and receive hugs.

  9. Take breaks. If you don’t take breaks, you wear down the equipment (the equipment being your mind, body, and soul).

  10. Don’t compare and express gratitude.

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Tags: Mental Health, Stress, Tips, Values
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