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5 Ways to Be More Positive

When you’re upset, one of the things that probably makes you very angry is when someone says, “Stay positive,” or, “Look on the bright side.” It’s annoying and the last thing you want to hear. However, the problem with persistent negative thinking is it’s bad for your health.

Here are 5 ways you can train yourself to be more positive when you’re in a negative mindset:  

  1. Get rid of negative influences. If you constantly spend time engaging with negative friends, relatives, or online trolls, you’re going to feel negative. Distance yourself from people who tear you down.

  2. Do something nice. Tell someone they did a good job, send flowers, write notes, give hugs, and hold your tongue when you feel like gossiping. Bringing sunshine into someone else’s life makes you feel better.

  3. Look for the good. When everything goes to hell, think to yourself, “What good came from this?” Sometimes it’s hard to find anything good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Even if it’s just that you learned something - look for something to take away from the experience.

  4. Think about something positive. Maybe it’s an upcoming trip, a finished project, or a good workout. Use that as motivation.

  5. Get off your butt. Within the first five minutes of seriously moving your body, all of the chemicals that make you feel better in your head start increasing.

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Mental Health, Stress, Tips, Values
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