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57 Years Married and Still "Hot" for Each Other
IconI read this email on the air, but it's so good, I wanted to share it with everyone: Dr. Laura: You gave me a most wonderful 79th birthday present today, in the form of a caller who showed the typical stupidity of the male.  He was married to his second wife for 25 years, and was concerned, because, while he still enjoyed her, he was not sure that he still really LOVED her. I have enjoyed your daily "classes" for years, and have learned much.  But there is one class I believe I am uniquely prepared to present. The ladies learn much about "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" from your book and daily sessions.  You tell the ladies how to work us guys, and of your power over us. Right back at you, my dear!  I have had my magnificent lady eating out of my hands for 57 years, and once in a while, I still playfully remind her that she is just my "first" wife.  You gals aren't all that complicated.  The answer is simple:  as you get what you need or want, you are more willing to give.  That's the same principle you preach to the girls. What does it take?  Really, not much - just a little TLC gets big payoffs.  Try: 1.  FLOWERS - for no special occasion or guilty conscience.  A single rose willWork.  No greater mileage for $1.50. 2."I LOVE YOU" - Tell her or show her at least 10 times every day.  It's easy.  There are so many ways to say it, and even more important, to show it. 3.  COFFEE IN BED - No big deal.  The coffee maker is automatic, and the payoff at my house is BIG.  It always begins with a "thank you" that sounds like it was the first time ever.  She gets this treatment most every day, and if I sleep in, well, then I get to say "thank you!" 4.  REASSURE HER - Tell her how good she is, and back her up every time you can.  She will thank you for it. Does it really work?  YES!  My LADY loves to tell her friends who often bemoan their love lives and multiple "whatever's."  She tells them "The best thing I could wish for you is to be married to my Don for a week." Making love to my 75 year old lady is wonderful, and I have the thrill of making her enjoy her sex. (Wow.)  My greatest honor was to be invited into her body so long ago.  She was all mine at 18 and still is.  As the subtle changes came along in her life and body, I was happy, because I knew that I was part of each of them.  She still has great looking "boobs" and a beautiful behind.  I love handing her the towel as she steps out of the shower with that great welcoming smile. Tomorrow, after breakfast of coffee in bed at 6AM with toast, fruit, and melon, I plan to "have my way" with her once again.  And I have a rose that says it will work! The luckiest guy you will ever hear from, Don P.S.  Thanks for being there when we really needed your guidance.
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