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7 Things Today's Parents Fail to Teach Their Kids

Frankly, too many parents today seem almost pathologically concerned with their kids being popular and socially accepted. They go along with things that are against their better judgment, like allowing their kids to participate in expensive fads, come home late, date too early, wear immodest clothing, watch inappropriate movies and TV shows, and have unrestricted smartphone access. The last thing they think about is sitting down with their children and teaching them about morals, values, principles, and ethics.

Here are the things you should be teaching your children:

1. Honesty. Not the type practiced by politicians and businesspeople, but simple, pure truth-telling.

2. Compassion.
Being sensitive and conscientious of someone else’s distress in a sympathetic way is one of the most essential qualities of a decent human being. If your kid has a lot of compassion, they’re not going to stand by and let a bully hurt somebody, are they? 

3. Perseverance. Saying “screw it!” every time you get frustrated or lose is no way to make any real headway in life.

4. Self-restraint. Kids need to learn to control their own impulses, emotions, and desires.

5. Grit. Show them that you are willing to do things even if they are difficult or scary.

6. Dependability. Teach your kids that they should always be trusted to do or provide what is necessary.

7. Faithfulness. Show them how to be faithful through the way you treat your spouse and friends. 

8. Patience. Teach them how to calmly bear pains and trials.

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