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A Hero in Waiting
IconShawn Sage must be one incredible young man.  The 17-year old California high school student, who has been raised in the foster home system of Los Angeles, decided last fall that he wanted to join the Marines at the end of his senior year.Unfortunately, Los Angeles Superior Children's Court Commissioner refused to let him do early enlistment and earn a $10,000 signing bonus.  Why?  Because young Mr. Sage is a foster child under the age of 18, and the judge in the case is a foster care administrative judge who opposes the war.But that did not stop our young hero.  The resourceful young man heard about the State Assembly's "Write A Bill Challenge" contest.  He entered it with a proposed law that would allow foster parents to give consent.  Kudos to the Assemblyman who introduced the legislation.  And when Mr. Sage turns 18 in June, he says he will still be joining the Marines, but this time as an adult who needs no consent.As a winner of the contest, Shawn Sage gets to fly to Sacramento to testify before the Assembly.  In true "Semper Fi" fashion, he says: "I didn't do it for the signing bonus, because I'm a motivated kid.  I am hoping to join the military before I graduate.  I want to serve my country." Three cheers for a hero in waiting.
Tags: Military, Values
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