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Don Imus' Verbal Assault... But What About The Others?
IconIt is understandable that I have received a lot of inquiries about my reaction to Don Imus' problem, as I am also a radio talk show host (32 years) who has taken flack for "objections" to my point of view.The main problem with Imus' comments is that they were in no way taken out of context - they were a direct assault on a group of women for whom the words did not match the reality.  In fact, as a woman, and as a woman often under public attack, I am so very proud of the statement given by one of the Rutgers University basketball players: "'I am a woman, and I'm someone's child,' said Kia Vaughn.  'I achieve a lot.  And unless they've given this name, a 'ho, a new definition, then that is not what I am.'  She stood with her teammates, a row of unbowed, confident women. ( Time, April 12, 2007 )Now that's impressive.However, someone will have to tell me when it was that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson apologized for their verbal assaults on the Duke lacrosse players who were wrongly accused of rape and battery.  When will music stores stop selling Eminem's music, filled with violent, ugly commentary about women and homosexuals?  I want also to know when Rosie O'Donnell will get her last paycheck after commentary declaring that America killed its own on 9/11?  I'm also curious about all the demeaning, misogynistic, crude and violent lyrics in rap music which flourish in music stores and on television.  And gosh, if the ACLU can come out in force to stand behind the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation, why no peep about Imus?  How is it that [Howard] Stern's career can survive to the hundreds of millions in compensation after his wondering out loud why the Columbine murderers did not rape the girls before killing them?Note:  There are no problems in the African-American community caused by Imus.  Not one.   Perhaps black leaders might take note of that and focus in on what is really important:  gangs, drugs, and out-of-wedlock children.As for Imus, it would seem his arrogance caught up with him.  His remark was insulting, stupid, mean and ugly.  It was so seemingly "off-the-cuff," that it felt too casually familiar a thing for him to say.
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