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Don't Rescue Out-Of-Control Kids
IconMany modern parents have a very bad habit of coddling their children, ultimately turning them into out-of-control monsters. Here's one scenario:  a driver in Florida left the keys in the ignition and the engine running of his 1966 Acura Integra to run inside an Italian restaurant to pick up a take-out order.  That was just too much temptation for a 17 year old, who with his 14 year old buddy, jumped in the car and drove away.  He was followed by owner in a separate car, police were called, a description went out and the two were apprehended post haste. At the 17 year old's hearing, his mother told the court his father was serving with the military in Iraq and, basically, her boy was out of control.  The judge set his bail at $25,000, pending trial for felony charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, and a misdemeanor battery charge and several traffic citations.  His mother informed the judge she, indeed, did have the money to meet bail, but she wanted him to stay locked up. The judge said: "I want to know why there are not more parents like this.  I applaud her for her truthfulness."  As her errant teen was hauled off to the holding cell, Mom told him "You think about that, while your Dad's in Iraq!" This mother did just the right thing .  Her son will suffer the ugly consequences of his disrespectful, out-of-control, arrogant behavior, and it will make an impact.  If he is rescued by Mama with bail and a manipulative lawyer who will say the kid is upset because his dad is in combat, this boy will be further lost into the "Lord of the Flies" scenario. I remember reading Alfred Hitchcock's father arranged for him to stay overnight in a jail cell in their English town.  This was entirely prophylactic, as he hadn't done anything wrong.  Hitchcock reported being so very scared he never, never, never did anything which would get him back there for real. Hopefully, this young man will have the same reaction, or he'll be back for a longer stay next time.
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