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Tip of the Week

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow
By David Pollock
Safe Beauty Expert

Imagine this: you're getting ready for an afternoon date with someone who you've had your eye on for a while. You've got a great outfit, your hair looks wonderful, your shoes are gorgeous, your makeup is flawless - there's not a blemish in sight. You're feeling FIERCE! But as you hop into your car to go meet your dream date, you flip down the mirror to check out your fabulousness one more time and then you notice it. Right there, framing that perfect shade of lipstick is a mustache you hadn't noticed in your bathroom mirror, and you have exactly ZERO time to do anything about it.

Unwanted hair creeping up to haunt you when you least expect it is something we all have to deal with. In that situation, there is little you can do aside from a bit of translucent powder. Your best bet is to properly remove hair regularly so you can avoid those moments.

Let's talk about different hair removal techniques and what I recommend for different areas of the body, starting from the top and working our way down.

Eyebrows/face: Never shave your face. Are we clear? I know a lot of eyebrow grooming kits come with that little tiny razor, but it is NOT your friend. First of all, shaving is such a temporary fix that it's not even worth it, and it can leave the skin in the shaved area dry and flaky. Secondly, hair that has been shaved grows back with a blunt tip, so it may look thicker and will leave the dreaded "five o'clock shadow" as it starts to grow back. That was a great look for George Michael's beard in the 80s, but it is NOT a good look for you and your eyebrows, lip, chin, etc. Depilatory creams are normally too harsh for facial use. Buffing can leave skin with "road rash." I suggest waxing, tweezing or threading for the face.

Underarms: Shaving is fine here. Waxing can be rather painful in this sensitive and inconveniently-angled area, and threading would take ages. Some people can handle a depilatory cream in this area, but if you're not sure, then don't risk it.

Arms/legs: Good news - arms and legs can handle just about any hair removal technique you can throw at them based on your skin type. Sensitive skin types should avoid depilatory creams and buffing as both can do more harm than good. Normal skin types are good to go with just choosing a preference. Those with oily skin may have a harder time waxing.

Tummy: Yes, I said tummy. Some women (especially those who are just hairier to begin with or are having hormonal changes like ovarian issues, pregnancy or menopause) will find themselves dealing with hairy bellies. I suggest shaving here.

Bikini area: This is another area where personal choice and skincare is going to matter the most when it comes to hair removal. However, I am going to strongly suggest against depilatory creams in the bikini area. The skin here is sensitive and you're very close to areas where the slightest slip could cause a UTI or some other damage. "Bikini Zone Chemical Burn" might be a great name for a punk band, but it's certainly not something I imagine many of you would want to sign up for.

No matter what area we are talking about or how the hair is removed, it is important to remember to keep that area clean, exfoliated, moisturized and protected once the hair is gone.

David Pollock is a global beauty expert who has formulated products for some of the most recognized names in the business. He is a published author, radio personality, and was recently named one of the "20 to Know" by Global Cosmetics Industry. Today, David is empowering women to take control of their health and beauty. Subscribe to his free newsletter at Permission granted for use on
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