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I'm Burned-Out on Life

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel, where I answer your questions.  This one's from Willow:

"I raised 6 kids [wow] who are all in their 20's, and I handle all the stuff for the house --  finances, cooking, shopping, cleaning and pets (2 small spoiled puppies).

I also work full time [has a puzzled look on face and throws out hands in a questionable look] and drive 40 miles one way daily to work. (We live in a small rural community where jobs are at least 30-40 miles away.)  My work is demanding, and lately I feel as if I can't take much more of anything.

I am tired of my family "needing" something, and the stress I feel in dealing with ungrateful vendors or asking customers for past due money. Finding another job really isn't an option because there just isn't any to offset the cost of getting to it. Working from home doesn't work because of the poor internet connection in our rural area.

Because I'm in a small town (less than a thousand people) everyone knows everyone's business and I try not to associate with that, because I don't like gossip. I don't have much family either -- most have died. My husband's family is very loud and nosy and they spread gossip faster than a wildfire.  If they don't know something, they just make it up.

I feel like I could just explode. Is it possible for someone like me to get burned-out on life?"

Yeah!  You have too much on your plate.  You're probably one of those people who "feels" an obligatory need to be involved with or take care of everybody, and you can't be doing that.  You don't say your have to sit down with your husband and say, "Honey, I'm not feeling as sexy with you as I used to because I'm exhausted.  These are the things that I do in a day and I was wondering if we could divvy them up differently so that I would feel more cuddly and amorous with you."  There's hardly a guy on the face of the earth who is still alive and has 1 milligram of testosterone in him that's not going to be enthralled by that way of explaining that he should take care of the finances, help with the cleaning and take responsibility for the pets.  And then you can do the shopping and whatever else.  So if you both work, you've got to divvy this up better; the kids are up and out.  If your kids need something you have to tell them, "You know what?  Call your sister/brother; I'm not able to do that."  You're going to have to delegate.  But with your husband [bats eyelashes and smiles] you just need to use feminine wiles.  And I know people aren't taught that anymore but you just say, "I would be a lot more kissy, huggy, cuddly, sexy-feeling if you would take some of these things off my plate.  He'll be very happy to, as long as there is the payoff.  (Which will make you smile too [points to smile on face])

The best relaxation and the best way to un-burn out yourself is a great orgasm.  I've said it once; I've said it a million times.  Take me seriously.  This isn't servicing him; this is putting a smile on your face while your toes curl.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time on our YouTube channel. 

(The toes...don't forget the toes.)



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