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Law School Student Wants His Tuition Back
IconA third-year Boston College Law School student facing dismal job prospects and a mountain of student loan debt has offered the prestigious law school a unique deal:  keep the degree, and give him back his tuition! Good gracious, here's another example of the generation of young people who: Buy something they can't afford (in this case, tuition), and then complain about the debt. Expect that since they showed up, there should be a party (or at least the job of their dreams).   With the housing situation as it is (people buying homes they couldn't afford), you'd think their kids would "get" it:  if you can't pay, don't dance.  Investing in your own future does not mean that the dividends will be easily gotten. It's not that there isn't a need for legal experts, it's just these young adults have the notion they should start at the top, instead of putting out a shingle and helping people as best they can while working up and perhaps looking toward being in a larger firm.  No, instead of that kind of thinking, the mentality today is:  "I put in three years of my life and took on huge loans....Now I AM ENTITLED to the brass ring." We're not adequately teaching our children humility, patience and a work ethic.  Getting an education is a stepping stone, but it does not come with a GPS - we all have to meander a bit.  Pay dues. Get real life experience, struggle and sacrifice, and then - maybe - we'll get exactly what we want. Here's another take:  a man goes up a mountain in Tibet to talk to the wisest man on the earth.  He reaches the summit, finds the old guy, and asks "Which way is success?" The guru points in a direction.  The man, all excited, climbs down the mountain and rushes in that direction.  SPLAT!  He comes up against a wall.   He's upset, but figures he made a mistake somehow and then goes back up the mountain to the guru and asks again:  "Which way is success?"   Again, the guru points off into the distance.  The man comes down the mountain and again attempts the journey.  SPLAT!  He is exhausted, starving, frustrated, and getting angry. He goes back up the mountain and yells at the guru:  "I asked which way is success twice.  I followed your directions...twice!  I'm tired, hungry, frustrated, and very, very angry.  Now, old man, "WHICH WAY IS SUCCESS?" This time, the guru spoke:  "It is that way - a little past SPLAT."
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